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FLOPEDS - Designed with the shape of your feet in mind

If you want to know more about FLOPEDS, have a look at our short video.

What are FLOPEDS?

FLOPEDS The anti flat flip flop, have an ergonomically designed foot bed that supports the contours of your feet from heel to toe.

FLOPEDS provide support and control in all the right places like the foot arch, the heel cup, and around the toes for a snug fit.
A comfortable flip flop that is also available in fun colors, that can be worn by everyone all the times. The idea of an anti-flat flip flop was born.

The idea of a light weight flip flop, with an anotomical footbed that fit snug on the foot was conceived.

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Ladies SlenderFit Orthotics

Slimfit fashion orthotics are made with the female foot in mind! They are designed to fit in most womens dress shoes including, high heels, wedges, pumps,dance shoes and boots.

To make sure they don't take eyes away from your dress shoes, they are designed in a discreet black colour. They are also movable from one shoe to another.

Slenderfit orthotics come with a built in metatarsal pad that offers a soft supportive feel aswell as the unique "S"shaped shell which provides a heel cradle and excellent arch support and stability.

Do you need to find a solution to your foot problems ?  They will help you combat ball of foot pain, arch and heel discomfort and sore/aching feet.

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