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Orthotics To Give You Foundation For Life

Posted: Thu, 23 April 2020, 21:29

Put a Spring in your Step in time for Summer

Posted: Tue, 21 February 2017, 13:43


Any Questions?

Posted: Mon, 06 February 2017, 10:54

Are high heels worth the pain?

When you think a 7 stone woman can exert 1,500 pounds pressure per one sixteenth of a square inch in high heels v 75 pounds for an elephant! It's no wonder our feet get sore in high heels!

Achilles' tendons and calf muscles become tight due to operating under cramped conditions.

Indeed toes don't escape either! A three inch heel increases the pressures under the toes by 76%.

Heels do indeed lead to Beautiful legs but what a price to pay!!

So how do reduce foot pain associated with high heels?

If you must wear high heels use wedges instead that reduce heel and toe pressures.
Wear a support foot orthotic, insole, arch support like Powerstep Slenderfit.
Change your shoes during the day.
Stretch your calf muscles, Achilles' tendons frequently during the day.

Happy steps girls.

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Orthotics During Pregnancy

Posted: Wed, 01 February 2017, 15:05

Expectant mothers require additional foot support during pregnancy. The additional weight on the feet, legs and pelvis makes walking painful and tiring. During pregnancy the body secrets a hormone called relaxin that allows the body to grow in harmony during development.

During pregnancy the average woman gains 25-35 pounds. This weight must be supported by her feet. You may experience tired, sore and achy feet as they cope with the extra weight placed on them.Wearing Powerstep Protech foot orthotics in your footwear will allow you walk in comfort again.

Functional orthotics can be used to provide additional support to a woman’s foot to assist with the effects of the weight gain during pregnancy. The ligaments would be placed under less strain/tension. Not only would their feet be less likely to lengthen, widen, or flatten they would be more comfortable with less leg fatigue while supporting the extra weight during pregnancy.Enjoy the miracle of pregnancy and let support you every step of the way...


Injury Preventing Orthotics

Posted: Wed, 25 January 2017, 12:52

It may seem odd but the more you move the greater the chance of giving yourself sports injury!

Foot and leg injuries are caused by faulty foot mechanics such as fallen arches, flat feet, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis being speeded up by movement.

These conditions may manifest themselves as tendon or ligament damage, stress fractures, shin splints, calf muscle strain, medial and lateral ankle sprain, hard skin and callous build up.

Foot orthotics give the foot support, comfort, structure, shock absorption, reducing the incident of stress fractures, and allowing the foot muscles to fire as Nature had intended.

For all types of foot orthotics for all types of sports activities please visit

injury preventing orthotics

Orthotics For Body Alignment

Posted: Tue, 24 January 2017, 12:54





We have all heard the lyrics the foot bone is connected to the leg bone and the leg bone is connected to the thigh bone... Well it's true.

All the parts have a part to play in moving the body in a energy efficient manner. When you consider the office worker will walk 12,000 to 15,000 steps per day a small change will yield huge benefits...

People who wear foot orthotics primarily for foot problems such as plantar facitiis, heel pain, arch support have found secondary benefits in reduced back pain and neck pain.

The reason is insoles or foot orthotics help realign areas of the body and often release energy, trapped muscles or ligaments by virtue of this realignment from wearing foot orthotics.

By virtue of the foot orthotics help correct faulty foot biomechanics which in turn help alleviate something higher up along the body's structure.

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Women's Foot Problems - Fact

Posted: Mon, 23 January 2017, 12:41

Slenderfit fashion orthotics are made with the female foot in mind!  They are designed to fit in most womens dress shoes including, high heels, wedges, pumps,dance shoes and boots.

To make sure they don't take eyes away from your dress shoes, they are designed in a discreet black colour. They are also movable from one shoe to another.

Slenderfit orthotics come with a built in metatarsal pad that offers a soft supportive feel aswell as the unique "S"shaped shell which provides a heel cradle and excellent arch support and stability.

Do you need to find a solution to your foot problems ?  They will help you combat ball of foot pain, arch and heel discomfort and sore/aching feet.

For more information look online 


Sports Enhancement Orthotics

Posted: Sat, 21 January 2017, 07:15

Did you know wearing foot orthotics can help you compete at your desired level of sports activity!!

Orthotics are sometimes called arch supports or insoles make up for weaknesses or inefficiencies in your foot working mechanics.

Orthotics offer greater shock absorption, give greater foot alignment, reduce foot and leg fatigue and help the foot bones, ligaments and tendons function in a more energy efficient manner.

Insoles or orthotics reduce inefficient effort, wasted energy resulting in foot fatigue. Orthotics offer corrective alignment, restore proper foot function, speed up muscle firing patterns and speed up gate allowing you to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time.
For more information on our range of orthotics to keep you on top of your game please visit and see our range of Sports Orthotics.

Sports Orthotics

We all have a golfer in the family who blames their clubs, the weather, the course for their poor form...
The clue for lack of form can be right under the golfers feet!

Golfers can position up to 90% of their body weight from one foot to another during swing...this weight redistribution happens in seconds!
A balanced golfer positions his/her weight in the instep area of the foot.

So how can orthotics help ?

Powerstep Classic Plus are slim fitting ideal for tight fitting golf shoes. The help control, support and redistribute foot pressures during this swing phase..
They are also very comfortable for those long walks up and down the fairways...

Please refer Classic Plus on

Happy golfing!

classic powerstep

Ladies & Gents - Why Wear Foot Orthotics?

Posted: Thu, 19 January 2017, 11:11

We inherit the genes of our parents all the good points and the not so good points...

If your parents have foot issues, chances are the children may inherit this condition also...

Faulty feet are passed on through the generations and it is estimated that 83% of the population suffer from flat feet / fallen arches. When the arch collapses during walking force and weight is transferred inefficiently in the foot. This impacts on all the chain of events as you walk and may lead to foot pain, leg pain or even back pain!!

How can you help yourself?

Wearing supportive footwear with a foot orthotic are great ways to support your feet. The Powerstep Protech offers great foot support, control and comfort while helping reinforce the arch as you walk.

For more information on our products and common foot conditions please refer to

Feet Should't Hurt ... Walk in comfort



Will Sports Orthotics Improve My Game?

Posted: Fri, 13 January 2017, 11:31

It's the question every athlete and sports person wants to know - Can I Improve My Game?


The answer - Yes You Can.  The use of orthotics has become more widespread in the last 7 to 10 years. Most professional athletes are now fitted with foot orthotics.

Athletes spend more time on their feet than most people, and put more stress on their feet, legs and back than non-athletes. Orthotics are usually discovered when an athlete has a problem.  The most common sports and running injuries include: Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Shin Splints, Achilles Tendonitis, Runners Knee and Plantar Fasciitis. With all of these conditions orthotics can be helpful in the treatment as well as the prevention.

The main goal of an orthotic is to improve the structure of the foot and in doing this can prevent a lot of the mentioned injuries.  Also assisting with the trauma of an injured or at risk body part and to help alignment through supporting the back, joints, muscles, and limb ligaments and tendons.

All of these injuries occur from stress and strain on certain parts of the foot and leg, injuries that can be avoided if certain protective measures are taken. To protect themselves from injury, many athletes use orthotics in their footwear. Athletes who use them report having better stability and control in their activities and fewer injuries overall. 

So, what does an athlete need from an orthotic? 

Athletes need heel and arch support and also shock absorption as most modern surfaces are extremely hard.

The link here will bring you to our sports orthotics page where you can find out more about them. 

All This Talk Of Orthotics - What Are They?

Posted: Thu, 12 January 2017, 12:46

Different people have different names for them. Some call them orthotics. Some call them inserts. Others call them insoles or even foot supports... Its easy to be confused.  

Some people use them for foot pain, arch support, heel pain and so very many painful foot conditions.  It is difficult to know where to start or even what to look for.

Are they good? Are they bad? Do you really need them? Are they worth it? Do I wear them in shoes, runners, heels, boots? So many questions..... but i'll make it simple for you.

Not many of us were blessed with perfect feet! According to studies, less than 10% of us have what is called a normal or neutral foot, meaning a foot that does not require any special care or support to maintain its shape when loaded with the body weight. 

Your feet are the base of support of your entire skeleton, so they may affect the entire body if they are tilted or not straight, just like the foundations of a house! You have got to get the foundations correct or the house will creak and crack!!

The orthotic is not solely an arch-support, it is used to support the foot in the correct position so that pressure is distributed more evenly across the sole of the foot. Incorrect walking patterns can be improved and very often leg and back fatigue is reduced. Orthotic devices are used by people of all ages and levels of activity.

On our website all you have to do is choose a category to find the correct orthotic. Mens Orthotics, Ladies Orthotics, Casual Orthotics or Comfort Orthotics.  In each category you will find what the orthotic will do for you. Whether it is for sports, high heels, comfort, working boots or wellingtons.  

You can also view our graph here which will guide you to making the correct choice depending on the foot condition you suffer from....


Graph for Orthotics

New Year New You

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Give the Gift of Comfort This Christmas

Posted: Fri, 02 December 2016, 17:01

Gift of Comfort

Gift of Comfort

Choose The Orthotic For You

Posted: Fri, 25 November 2016, 20:38

Choose Your Orthotic

Choose Your Orthotic

Dublin City Marathon

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