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Best High Heel Insoles For You

Ladies, there’s no single rule on whether flats or heels are ideal, but instead you should go with what works for you and the situation. However, adding shoe inserts for heel pain, high heel insoles or other types of inserts can always help reduce and alleviate foot pain, as they will help support your foot and offer additional cushioning. Remember there are  different insoles are for different ailments, and you should be choosing the right one not only for your specific ailment but for your type of foot. Please refer to our chart here for foot condition and orthotic choices.

Flats or Heels

When it comes to selecting flats or heels, think about what is most comfortable to you as well as the situation you’ll be in. If you’ll be on your feet all day and not in a business setting, opt for a pair of shoes that are most comfortable to you –that could be flats with an insole for extra support or even tennis shoes. If you’ll be seated, you can opt for a heel or tighter flat that may be uncomfortable if you were standing.

It’s also important to take into consideration your own foot health. For example, if you have a bunion, you may want to make sure all your shoes offer plenty of room to wiggle your toes and not put additional pressure on the bunion. Some podiatrists recommend not wearing a heel that is higher than 3 inches under any circumstances.

Choosing Your Insole

Our advice if your shoe heel is above 1.5 inches choose Powerstep Ladies fashion orthotics (we call these painkillers!!) and below 1 .5 inches you can choose the Powerstep Protech Pro, Pink or whatever takes your fancy!

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